Validate the input of your serverless function with 1 line of code

November 07, 2020

simple runtime check

typescript-is is a library which enables type checks at run-time! This is an incredible tool to validate input and make your code more type-safe 🎉.

Validating the input of cloud functions can be a challenging problem. Re-using your types to ensure that your input matches your type solves a big part of the validation problem. To do this with the typescript-is library, the only thing you need to do is to use the assertType method that typescript-is exports:

// 2. Use the `assertType` method to perform your runtime check

Above we use assertType to check whether our runtime object input matches our type MyEvent. If it doesn’t match the MyEvent type, an error is thrown. typescript-is has a bunch of other methods such as is or strictEqual. If you’d like to throw the error yourself you could do this for example:

if (!is<MyEvent>(input)) {
  throw new Error('input does not match type')

That’s pretty much all it takes to add a run-time type check of your cloud functions input (provided you are a typescript user 🙃). Whereas previously you might have reached for validation libraries such as joi or god-forbid, written your own validator, it’s now just one line of code. What are you going to do with all this new-found time?

Below is the entirety of an AWS lambda function handler with this pattern applied:

import { Handler } from 'aws-lambda'
import { assertType } from 'typescript-is';

type MyEvent = {
  msg: string

async function handler<Handler>(event: MyEvent) {
  return { msg: 'Hello World' }

exports.handler = handler


For a fully working example of this pattern including deployment scripts for AWS and compilation with webpack please have a look at this boilerplate I’ve put together.

🙏 Thanks for reading

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